Time is precious. Professionals in the legal industry know this all too well: there are just so many tasks to complete, and never enough time for them all. That’s why so many turn to litigation support services. These companies provide services like document retrieval and other assistance with court cases to law firms, financial institutions, public accounting firms, private investigation firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms. Many legal professionals save time and money by turning to litigation support companies — companies like US Litigation Support.

The Benefits of Using a Legal Support Service like US Litigation Support

Litigation support services like USLSS are an efficient way to offload some work off your plate. Support service companies are an essential tool for time management, as they handle some of the smaller or lengthier tasks of the legal industry. Instead of spending time searching for supporting documents for your case, you can hand the task off to a support service. These services have access to many databases and archives, and can pull up some documents for you quicker than you might — often within just a day.

Support services also offer various forms of trial assistance, filing, managing data, and various technological tasks that simply take up precious time.

Why Choose US Litigation Support Services

When you choose a service, it’s natural to want the best. USLSS is a top litigation support service that provides legal assistance to the legal industry nationwide. They employ an experienced and dedicated team that will stay on top of the details so you don’t have to.

US Litigation Support has been providing services to some of the nation’s leading legal experts since 1997, and to date have served over 100,000 documents. The award-winning company provides legal support to anywhere in the US, and prides itself on creating personal connections and having a physical presence where it’s needed, in addition to its digital presence. USLSS provides same-day service for document retrieval, as long as a number of other time-cutting services for clients.

Litigation Support Services Offered by US Litigation Support

While US Litigation Support is an expert at document retrieval, it also provides the following valuable legal services:

  • Document retrieval: Fetch document for any federal, state, and county court in the United States. US Litigation Support can acquire docket sheets, opinions, briefs, decisions, and pleadings, as well as any other litigation document you might need — and delivers them the very same day.
  • Court filings: File papers in any court in the US. The USLSS team will print, preview, and assemble your filings, and make sure they adhere to local rules and requirements. It will then file the papers for you, and send you a copy.
  • Case watch: Get updates on your ongoing cases. USLSS will send team-members to any court in any state to provide you with reliable updates on your case — and you can be sure someone will visit the court in person.
  • Calendar services: Keep track of your schedule. All calendar calls will be answered by a professional who will update your schedule with important dates. Across the US the team will inform you of your adjourned date as soon as it’s known; in the NYC area the team will inform you of all relevant dates and aspects of depositions and trials.
  • Process serving: Serve documents nationwide. The company not only retrieves documents for you — it can serve them for you as well. Trained team-members can assist you every step of the way, and provide round-the-clock status updates.
  • Background checking: Find out relevant history. Need to know someone’s history? USLSS performs full criminal and civil checks, including liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.
  • Court reporting: Access detailed transcripts of court cases. This new service is available in New York and New Jersey, and will provide you with accurate transcripts of any case in a hard copy, electronically, and through a dedicated transcript repository.

Start saving time now by employing the dedicated litigation support services of USLSS. Contact the company here or simply jump right into the order via the easy-to-use online form.

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